Bury your Worries !
As Coderootz, is on a Mission to realize your Vision.

Scale up your front-office operations and non-core functions by outsourcing to us. At Coderootz, we combine human skills and advanced digital technologies yielding increased sales & happier customers, hence reallocate your time and resources to your core competencies and win advantages over your competitors.

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Our Services


Inbound Contact Center Services

  • Customer Service
  • Inbound Sales
  • Help desk services

Channels catered – Calls, E-mails, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook


Outbound Contact Center Services

  • Tele-marketing & Tele-sale calls
  • Lead Generation
  • Pre sales activities
  • Payment Reminders
  • Survey Calling

Industries we serve

Supply Chain & Logistics


Tours and Travels



Insurance Companies

Restaurants and Food Services


Automotive Industry


Market Research Companies

Real Estate


Government Agencies

Educational Institutions

Coderootz Helps Overcome Lack Of...

  • Expertise in non core functions
  • Quality Personnel
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Adequate workspace & IT infrastructure.
  • Time for core activities
  • Access to cutting-edge tools & technologies
  • Data security & storage

Why Coderootz?

Why Coderootz?
Improved Brand Image

Improved Brand Image

Reduced Operational costs

Experienced resources with polished communication skills

Experienced resources with polished communication skills

Increased Customer Retention

Quick & Empathetic Responses

Better understanding of consumer behaviour

Better understanding of consumer behaviour

100% data security

More time and resources for core processes

More time and resources for core processes

Uninterrupted Services

Uninterrupted Services

Our Facilities

  • Adequate storage area with full Security
  • Ergonomically designed furniture
  • In-house recreation facilities
  • Round the clock power supply with backup facilities
  • Multi-media Training Room
  • Separate Briefing/ Meeting Rooms
  • Individual Workstations with provision of personal Laptops & Headsets
  • Cloud Telephony CRM

Happy Clients


Hear from our Clients

They have been instrumental in managing the Cash on Delivery problem for the business, especially during COVID19

Coderootz is starting off well ! Rarely do you see a CEO take the time to reach out. Additionally, the support staff has been answering all of my newbie questions with incredible patience and making me feel welcome. Using their Last Mile delivery and Warehouse Management software has helped me cut down delivery costs by 20%, added more day-to-day Operational Clarity and reduced lead times and distrbution costs. Himflavours is looking forward to growing alongside them in the years to come.


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