Bring Balance To Your Work And Your Life, At Coderootz

  • Less cost of living

  • Short commuting distances

  • Pleasant weather

  • Mesmerizing Views

  • Fresh Air

  • Cozy cafes

All these make the desired work-life balance easier to achieve.

Co-worker Experience

Learning a new thing every day, getting multiple opportunities to show your worth, being more self-dependent and attaining more confidence by handling new challenges - this is what I think Coderootz provides you which has been a life-changing milestone for me and it could be for anybody who does not want just to feel satisfied with a job but also want growth in his professional life as well.

I am at Coderootz from 10 months. Work atmosphere is good. It giving opportunities to fresher to start their carrier, good salary growth. I would love to work here for long time.

My experience in coderootz can be simply explained with a single word i.e "wonderful", where I got to lead as well as show my skills as a team player too, the homely environment gives me a great support in managing my personal and professional life, i feel this will continue to add more advantage for my professional growth and as well for my personal peace .

My overall experience at the company has been fantastic. Getting to start as an intern and move into a full time position I got the opportunity to learn a lot from coworker. It had been an amazing work experience!

I am glad that my first work experience is at Coderootz , here everyone is so helpful and supportive.This Organization helped me in my career as well as my personal growth.

My experience at coderootz This is my third company In my work journey I have join last few month ago This is amazing company for growth and skills.

My journey started as intern working with coderootz has helped me develop the insight to various challenges which the IT industry of developed world country face today

Coderootz gave me an amazing opportunity to work with great people and to work on my skills at the same time, while giving me the luxury of great work environment.

My experience at coderooz is really amazing. I started my professional career with coderootz and feel lucky to have such a wonderful place to work and grow, not only by profession but also as a whole person. While working with coderootz learnt so much, which not only enhanced my creativity but also taught me how to be a responsible person. Thanks to coderootz.

My experience at coderootz is good and new. I am of learning mode where my boss gives me and my team a lot of freedom to do what we see fit. At coderootz I've seen people not only compensated for their work but given many opportunities to grow and learn new things in thier field of work. I am looking forward to work here and able to grow professionally and personally.

My overall experience at the Coderootz has been fantastic. Getting to start as an intern, I got the opportunity to learn a lot from coworker. The most positive part about Coderootz culture and environment is the family atmosphere. What makes me the most happy at work is not only the line of work I enjoy doing ,but also the people I work with. The best things about my team is the openness of the group to hear other people out and help others. This company gives opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

I have been working in Coderootz for about 4 months, and my experience so far has been great, managers are very cooperative and supportive and I am really enjoying working here.

Working at Coderootz has been a learning experience that I'll consider as the foundation of my technical as well as interactive abilities and skills

Exposure at coderootz in Marketing, Sales , Business Development and Coordination between other departments has drilled in me, a sense of proper time utilisation. It has shown me my potential and hidden talents. As an individual, it has left me much more confident, better organised and winged to take on higher responsibilities. My inly thanks to the Directors and the company as such - comprising all of us, for providing congenial atmosphere and triggers, which transformed me into what I am now.

Coderootz presented an unpresented scale and diversity of opportunity. My two years of phenomenal growth pushed me to expand, challenge, and adjust my worldview. My engagement in tech and innovation initiatives exercised my creative muscle and strengthened my tolerance to adversity. A place that showed me what I love to do and surrounded me with inspiring peers.

I have enjoyed every opportunity given to me at Coderootz. It has been a great and wonderful experience and looking forward to growing personally and professionally.

My experience at coderootz has been a new experience for me , as it is my first job . At coderootz i am learning new skills and opportunities. I am very fortunate to work at coderootz.

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Develop the software products for our users.

Contact Center

With your speaking skills help resolve customer queries and promote our client’s business.


Find, grow and support the local expertise who make Coderootz a Global buying destination.


Draft company policies and business transaction laws

Business Development

With your relentless efforts, deploy the right selling & marketing strategies to help Coderootz grow


Equip the techies with agile product development methodologies and hence, streamline workflows.


Manage inflow and outflow of money and take Coderootz to newer heights.