Did you know, the attention span of Gen-Z ranges anywhere from 1.3seconds to 8 seconds!

Living in an age when choices are bountiful and attention spans are negligible, expecting Gen Z, a generation forming 40% of the global customer base, to be patient with customer support is a little too much to ask. Non-believers of frugality, Gen Z ranks first among all other generations that are truly optimistic about spending. Informed, ethically wired and pragmatic, these young and progressive spenders therefore, expect instant gratification when it comes to having their queries answered and problems addressed.

Statistics speak – 77% Gen Z population expect price-rise in the upcoming year, and only 20% have expressed their intent of shopping less, in comparison with 25% that said that they may in fact, shop more!

Does that make Gen Z shoppers an asset to brands that need to be retained for a lifetime? The answer is an absolute affirmative. Great customer experience being the new currency of loyalty, it is the first step to long-term success in this trajectory. 


Gen Z Cares About Customer Care – The List Of Non-Negotiable Needs

We are talking about a benevolent and forgiving generation that is willing to continue associating with brands that they love even if they make accidental mistakes like wrong shipping, shipping delays, damaged products, payment related issues etc. provided they apologize and address the situation empathetically and promptly. In case of sub-par customer service experience, 54% of Gen Z customers will feel free to block these brands and never look
To stay in their good books, take note of this concise list of critical, rather non-negotiable customer support needs that Gen Z expects from brands - 


1. The Need for Speed: Quick and Accurate Response

57% Gen Z customers expect response within 24 hours while 27% expect response in less than 4 to 6 hours.

Gen Z responds best to lightning-speed responsiveness. As per surveys conducted in 2023, 71% of Gen Z customers prioritize quick and accurate action from customer service agents in addressing their issues. First contact resolutions can convert this generation into long term brand ambassadors. 


2. No Need to Repeat: Seamless Access To Essential Client Information 

28% Gen Z customers detest repeating themselves to multiple agents during a single / follow-up calls.

Being a frustrating experience, it is only normal for the former to expect customer support representatives to be prepared with past conversation and ticket history before connecting with them, be it through chat, email, or phone. This interconnected approach not only saves time but also demonstrates the brand’s commitment towards understanding and addressing unique individual customer needs in a unique and personalized manner. 


3.  Around the Clock: 24/7 Support

Over 57% customers prioritize round the clock support availability.

Time no bar, time zones no bar. Gen Z expects customer support that beats time and time zone barriers. Interconnection of nations across continents, and over-seas purchases being more normal than otherwise, it is only expected that brands pull up their socks and be available to customers from anywhere in the world at any given time. The digital age has erased the conventional ‘business hours’ accessibility, thereby reinforcing the belief that customer's
convenience is always the top priority. 


4. A Friendly Face: Amiable Agents

In spite of the advancements in AI, 61% global consumers still prefer to connect with humans for pressing issues.

Even in this heavily automated landscape, emotional understanding is still out of bounds for AI. This makes it imperative for the support agents to display an amiable and empathetic disposition to turn a routine transaction or a negative situation into a memorable experience. 
Active listening, error-free comprehension and a genuine desire to help thus, features as critical expectations not just for Gen Z but any other generation of customers for that matter. 


5. One and Done: Self Service Support

52% Gen Z will never buy from a brand in situations where their issues could not be resolved through self service

Gen Z prefers self-service and expects customer care to support channels that offer detailed self-service features that can solve their issues with a few clicks, rather than queuing up for customer support reps to answer their calls. As per statistics, 44% may also spread negative word of mouth if their problems remained unresolved through self-service channels. 


6. Preferred Channels: Being Available Where Customers Are

57% Gen Z prefer e-mails for customer support

Communication preferences vary among customers. Some prefer live chat, while others favor email or phone calls. Great customer experience involves being available on the channels that specific customers prefer. A brand’s ability to adapt and meet customers on their chosen platform creates a customer-centric approach that is much appreciated by Gen Z.


7.  Personalization: ‘My Experience My Way”

72% Gen Z customers prioritize personalization of customer care experience. 

This basically refers to emphasizing unique expectations of every individual customer, especially in terms of platforms that they wish to be contacted through, time of the day they prefer to be contacted, personalization of texts / mails in tune with previous interaction history and more. 


8. Speak Less Text More: Automated Issue Resolution

85% Gen Z customers prefer chats and automated self-service over phone-calls.

For this generation, texting is anytime more convenient than communicating verbally. In their opinion, it is faster, easier and more available than conventional phone calls that is often fraught with long wait times, calls on hold, call transfers and other hiccups as such, that cause unnecessary delays and resultant annoyance.


9. Apology Gifts: From A Concern To A Memorable Experience

Incentivizing slips makes it easy for Gen Z shoppers to forgive brands for a negative experience. Discount coupons for the next purchase, free gifts or replacements without initiating returns are a few apology gift options favored by this generation.


Crafting the Ultimate Customer Experience -

It really doesn’t take much to keep Gen Z happy with brands. Quick, warm and empathetic response, flexible problem solving approach with the readiness to help, round the clock availability, more text based solutions than verbal, to-the-point assessment of the issue with genuine apologies and incentivizing as often as possible is enough to have Gen Z CLV skyrocket with remarkable customer experience.