Did you know, you can reduce overhead costs by 30% - 60% with 3p customer service outsourcing!
The question is, is cost cutting the only reason that highlights the significance of helpdesk outsourcing? While this is an unputdownable advantage that triggers 70% companies to embrace professional customer care, practically though, the essence of ‘value’ exceeds the domain of pennywise profits.  
‘Profit is a consequence… Customer retention through value addition, on the other hand, is the strategy’. These are the times when companies / businesses are seen prioritizing long-term competitive invincibility in comparison with immediate profits; something that calls for amplifying market presence with thorough cost / differentiation / marketing advantage, topped essentially with customer retention.
And, here’s how quality customer care services help companies accomplish this value-driven goal literally effortlessly.
Professional Customer Care Value Contributions That 84% Companies Swear By – 'Superior customer service can bring back roughly, 93% customers for repeat purchases; not to forget, that they may be willing to spend about 17% more’.
With this piece of motivation in mind, lets assess the critical value contributions made by customer care BPOs for their client companies, so that the latter can achieve competitive invincibility swiftly, easily and continually. 


Readymade Access to an Instant Power-bank of Skills

Interpersonal / communication, problem solving, in-depth knowledge of products / services, listening / comprehension, empathy, tech proficiency, omnichannel support management, multilingual abilities, organization and timely reporting; these are essential customer care skills that take years to master. With quality customer care services, companies / businesses can access these skills literally instantly with as little as a week or ten days to product-train the call center agents. This is one of those essential values that brings small companies at par with their more established counterparts. 

Strengthening Brand Image with Strategized Multichannel Interactions –
As per market research, about 80% customers interact with brands through social media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest; every platform is different and each houses a different segment of customers that call for individual rather, idiosyncratic means of support and communication.  Given that these are also the platforms where ‘the experience of one can influence the decision of a thousand’ professional customer care services can be trusted to bring more value to the cause of brand building in comparison with partly conditioned in-house teams. 
Conquering Time Zones with 24/7 Helpdesk –
‘Trust is, Being There When You’re Needed; Always’ . 
Round the clock availability of support teams is counted among the most coveted outsourcing advantages that companies, whether established or growing, are ever enthusiastic to access. This is one of those premium advantages that helps endeavors conquer time zones and offer premium quality customer care irrespective of the location of the customers. 
Unique Resource Control Strategies –
Cost control and optimized resource utilization make customer service outsourcing relevant to every business / company that wishes to withstand the competitive bull-rush. 
Comprehending the importance of resource control, professional customer care services often design individual resource control blue-prints that include key strategies like – 
Each of these strategic inputs go a long way in reducing cost per call (CPC), often pulling it down to less than industry average. 
Touch Regions; Embrace Cultures with Multilingual Call Centers –
There’s no better way to forge a more positive connection with your customer base than by respecting their linguistic diversity. With BPOs, companies can instantly access multilingually proficient workforce that can support buyers from the world over through auditory or written communications. 
The Assurance of State-of-the-Art Infrastructure –
Avante-Garde infrastructure is a standard value that customer service outsourcing companies help client companies base their USP upon. Some of the core constituents of such infrastructural excellence include: 
This works wonders for small-scale debutants in the world of commerce that need to assure customers that their queries / issues (if any) will be addressed promptly and that too by faultless customer support systems. The power of assurance itself, can drive trust and purchase motivation many times over. 
Did you know, cloud-based customer support services report roughly, 27% less downtime than their low-tech counterparts. 
‘Be the First’ to Win with Future Trends –
BPOs are serious about staying updated with upcoming trends that can take customer support experience to a whole new level. Therefore, any new developments in the world of AI, AR, VR, IoT, blockchain etc. client companies will be the first in line to receive the benefits. With the proactive approach of professional customer care services towards future trends, companies can be assured of competitive preparedness. 
How BPOs Create These Value Without Cutting Corners –
Strategizing value creation for client companies through quality customer support services requires BPOs to fortify their endeavors with key service features that include:
Customer service outsourcing endeavors have, quite indisputably established their relevance as strategic allies in creating customer-centric businesses / companies. In fact, these days, they are recognized more as brand ambassadors that contribute towards customer retention and repeat purchases, than mere service providers that address customer queries and issues. 
The forthcoming years will witness a massive transformation in the role of customer service BPOs, elevating their contributions from non-core to primary necessities.