Distribution Systems

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Coderootz, provides you solutions that help in managing complete order processing, inventory control, customer service, supply chain management to sales and customer relationship management. These solutions can analyse every stage of your product flow and help you manage the distribution from vendors & suppliers to manufacturers to point of sale catering storage, pick, pack and distribution, order fulfilment and replenishment, system-based invoicing and return management.

These Omnichannel platforms cater to both physical and commercial distribution for activities and processes such as:
1. Supply management
2. Bulk and shipping packaging
3. Temperature controls
4. Security
5. Fleet management
6. Delivery routing
7. Shipment tracking and warehousing whereas commercial distribution includes e-commerce websites, wholesalers, retailers, and 3rd parties or independent distributors.

Keep things organised and your customers satisfied with our distribution tools. We will assist you manage the distribution from vendors & suppliers to manufacturers to point of sale.

Key Distribution challenges

  • Delay in the timeliness of the information provided.
  • The complexity of operations at the Delivery centre, delivery hub, warehouse, or 3PL solution.
  • Tedious financial reconciliation process.
  • Complex analysis of manpower cost.
  • Unsold inventory becomes more expensive to store.
  • Real-time co-ordination.
  • Delivery centre, delivery hub, warehouse or 3PL.
  • Managing Cash on Delivery (CODs).
  • Assessing the manpower cost.
  • First-mile scheduling and reconciliation of shipments with 3PL.
  • Lack of transparency between the customers and 3PL.

Advantages of our distribution solutions

  • Simplify your inventory surges with quick resolution to better handle business demands.
  • Ease of integration and compatibility with legacy systems..
  • Delivers bulk quantities of goods from business to business.
  • Data management and analytics, including real-time data streaming and ecosystem data-sharing.
  • The adaptability of the system and easy to manage Cash on Delivery (CODs).
  • Real-time updates – Specific notifications for defined stakeholders. (Order status, ETA/delays, Geofence breach, etc.)
  • System Generated Indent management.

Tools for distribution


Key features of DMS

  • Flexibility to select from SaaS & enterprise platform
  • Digitalise the scheduling & reconciliation of pick-up and deliveries
  • Auto management of irregularities in the operations
  • Manages predefined SLAs of the customers
  • Real-time visibility of end-to-end operations to all the stakeholders
  • Reports based on the SLA/ KPIs
  • System based invoicing
  • Operational efficiency - number of deliveries, fuel etc.

Benefits to the customers

Easy inventory monitoring

Increased biz. accuracy

Accurate order management

Hassle-free delivery and returns management