Market research reveals that 80% buyers are ready to respond to calls from new sellers that intend to reach out to them.

So, for those that had handed a ‘Dear John’ to outbound telemarketing owing to common misconceptions like, tele-calling is outdated, no one responds to cold calls anymore, cold calling is the exhibit A of unnecessary annoyance etc.; need to refocus on fueling the upsides of this sleeping giant before competitors commence unearthing gold with it’s latent potentials.

Outbound Sales Services In A Nutshell :

Outbound sales basically refer to reaching out to target buyers that may not have had any prior exposure to your products / services, with the intention to inform them about what you offer and your brand dynamics followed by creating a positive purchase motivation in their minds and finally converting them into frequently engaging customers.
Among the numerous outbound lead generation strategies, professional contact centers shouldering the good old ‘cold calling’ still wears its crown. Even though the process was pronounced dearly defunct following the advent of social media, email marketing, PPC and more, roughly 61% interviewed marketers have said that their businesses still rely on call- based outbound marketing strategies. And the outcomes are outstanding!

What Makes Outbound Sales Services So Pertinent ?

While outbound endeavors for lead generation is often considered ‘aggressive,’ in all honesty, it is one of the most streamlined swift and no-nonsense way to reach the right prospects with the right intention at the right time and in the right way.
For example, unlike inbound lead generation processes where you wait for prospects to trickle in after putting comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategies into motion, a process that can often take months to work; with outbound telemarketing, you can gain 100% control over your leads bringing in as many as you need within a specific time frame. You need 75 active leads in a month? You can trust your outbound sales services to achieve the target.

Professional Tele-sales And Telemarketing Services Are Critical For Outbound Excellence – Here’s Why

Your phone rings at an odd hour when you are busy minding your priorities. You receive the call only to hear a robot chanting some pre-recorded sales pitch that isn’t remotely relevant to your interests. You have a good reason to see red.

This is why millions of people take pleasure in identifying cold calls as spam and ignore them as much as humanly possible.
However, outbound, when strategized the right way and handled by the right professionals, can have an entirely different effect on prospects given that tele calling humanizes lead generation through effective inter-personal communication. It thus, brings a flood of prospects, ready to go through the complete sales cycle.

Here’s a quick glimpse into how outbound call centers achieve momentous lead generation through tele-calling -

Skilled Personnel –

Execution of outbound lead generation strategies is not everybody’s cup of tea. It calls for outstanding attributes like acute problem-solving abilities, extensive product knowledge, multilingual skills, strategized objection handling, collaboration, effective communication skills, empathy, high EQ, proficient
listening skills and of course, the ability to retain client information and recall the same while re-connecting with them.
Such level of expertise is often seen missing in in-house teams, and is thus, best when left to professionals.


Seamless communication with client companies –

Unlike common misbeliefs, professional contact centers establish seamless communication with their client companies, so that the latter can stay abreast with all actions and developments no matter how minute or significant. Free flow of communication allows the 3P outbound services to represent their client company’s interest with 100% lucidity.


Intelligent automation tools for speed and efficiency –

Reliable contact centers are backed by powerful automation tools that facilitate smoother and quicker outbound/ inbound workflow. Automated call routing, virtual assistants to answer common questions, one click call analytics, quick response suggestions etc. are only a few to mention. In simple words, professional BPOs are equipped to do more in less time with better outcomes.


Continuous Training –

Professional call centers frequently train their agents to help them stay updated with industry and customer-behavior trends. This maximizes their
performance efficiency, thereby creating better rapport with prospects. 


Pre-existing pool of prospective lead base –

This is one of the most attractive advantages of call center outsourcing for outbound endeavors. Some of top reliable BPOs may have a readymade pool of prospects that can be used to your advantage. This rapidly cuts down on lead generation time and staying aligned with time-bound sales targets.


Follow-ups -

Did you know 68% customers will agree to a deal after refusing 4 times initially. However, only 12% sales reps follow up to tap the potential of this 68%.
Outsourcing to outbound telemarketing is one of the best ways to keep following up in an organic manner until a favorable response is generated from the prospects.


Keeping customer data-base updated –

With professionals, you will never lose track of your customers. Outbound experts ensure keeping your customer data base updated and readily available to you for making informed decisions. They also keep the marketing and sales teams aligned so that no unqualified leads clog the sales funnel.


Science of words to WIN! 

Did you know, opening an outbound call with a polite ‘How Have You Been’ increases chances for success by 660%! BPO outbound sales team are trained with the science of words that can have maximum impact on prospects at minimum time.


Transparent SDR / BDM KPIs –

Tracking KPIs is the key to understanding how well your outbound sales services are performing. Number of calls made, number of emails sent, number of meetings books and attended, social media activity etc. are effectively recorded by the BPOs and made available for client’s review. Reputed lead generation companies always make sure that no detail, however big or small, escapes the eyes of the latter.


Outbound Lead Generation Outsourcing – Benefits Galore!

Flexibility, positive brand representation, more value for expensed resources, greater sales conversion, shortened sales cycles; these are only some of the many advantages of outsourcing outbound tele-sales lead generation that market leaders have witnessed over the decades.
In fact, outbound tele calling has been one of the core strategies to grow businesses and tap newer markets given their momentous impact in gathering impactful data and channeling sales pitch accordingly.

When shouldered by reliable outbound contact centers that bring specialized knowledge, technology and scalability to the table, competitive success is as good as assured.