Operational Excellance

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Why waste your time managing tasks through spreadsheets, writing sticky notes, etc? We at coderootz build efficient software which can manage your time, team, meet your project deadlines, and manage your employee. We offer the easiest and most convenient way to manage tasks in businesses of all sizes. Small business owners can keep track of various tasks and prioritize them with ease using the task management tool.

Coderootz presents you an ecosystem of IT solutions to enhance the operational excellence. These tools will help you plan your processes and daily operations better. You can measure number of business metrics and hence, help your workforce to perform better and excel in their respective domains.

Key Operations Challenges

  • Performance assessment
  • Enhancing the productivity
  • Getting things done
  • Increasing the accountability of employees
  • Building an open culture

Tools for operational excellance


Key features of Dopex

  • User-friendly web & app-based tool which generates tickets basis the task.
  • Capability to Define function-wise SLAs.
  • Notification of pending task ensures timely handling completion of the task.
  • Dashboard display of task received and assigned with the status.
  • Assists in identifying the bottlenecks measuring the performance.

Key features of D-Talk

  • You can define functional and business KPIs to your co-worker & assign priorities.
  • You can set the timeline and link with the performance review.
  • Capture clearly the expected development from co-workers with manager’s feedback.
  • Create two-way feedback between manager and co-worker.
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Performance Management.

Benefits to the customers

Quantitative performance management

Less follow ups for tasks in general

More accountable employees

Increases transparency in the organisation