Transport Management

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With a top-notch logistics technology, you can turn your Transport Management business into a primary profit engine. Our Transport management software offers you a smooth solution for (Logistics user, Transporters, Loading Super visor, drivers & customers) seamless real time transfer of information. Our product Truckers, is incorporated with smart algorithm to achieve seamless operations with automated, audit friendly & easy management.

Give your transportation business the much-needed visibility and insights to scale up the operations. Our transportation management systems streamline the processes and make them easier to manage and optimise.

Features offered by our transport management software solution

  • Real time Visibility: availability of data across the supply chain in real time to enable better decisions on risk management and performance improvement.
  • Dynamic Route Mapping: Creation of routes from scratch using a given set of orders instead of using static / master routes.
  • Customize Dashboard: reporting tool for tracking supply chain KPIs and metrics in a single display or interface.
  • Managing Milk run deliveries: This software is used to transport mixed loads from various suppliers to one customer. Instead of each supplier sending a truck every week to meet the needs of one customer, one truck (or vehicle) visits the suppliers to pick up the loads for that customer.
  • Order Assignment via app: The application caters to all the orders assignment.
  • E-POD: Electronic proof of delivery with signature availability.

Here are multiple key challenges

Manual Indenting

No Real Time Status of an Order

Unstructured Data Handling

No Performance Evaluation


No Real Time Update of Vehicle Status

Tools for transport management

Truckers offers a smooth Tech Environment for all the stakeholders (Logistics Users, Transporters, Loading Supervisors, Drivers, Customers, etc.), with a seamless real-time transfer of information. We incorporate Transportation business logic into the Truckers via smart algorithms, to achieve transportation operations are automated, audit friendly, and easy to manage.


Key features of the tool

  • Order Assignment Via App
  • System Generated Indent
  • Real-time updates – Specific notifications for defined stakeholders. (Order status, ETA/delays, Geofence breach, etc.)
  • Route Geofencing
  • e-POD with image capture
  • Customize Dashboard
  • Business Analytics
  • GPS Integration
  • Load optimisation & Scheduling
  • COD management & customer tariff management

Benefits to the customers

Increase supply chain efficiency

Cash flow improvements

Streamlines vehicle load optimization

Minimizes loss, damage, and errors