$293.650 billion. This is the estimated market net worth that the global BPO industry is predicted to touch by 2029. As per statistics, 57% companies believe that outsourcing their core / secondary processes is ‘literally indispensable’ for the sake of minimizing costs and to access new capabilities that are directly responsible for speeding up their business goals. In fact, 65% of firms that already use BPOs have expressed their interest in increasing their annual spending on process outsourcing by next year.

Be it legal functions, HR, finance, supply chain, manufacturing and more, the scope of BPOs is exploding and the demand for professionals that best fit the profile has also skyrocketed simultaneously. For instance, around 3,00,000 jobs are outsourced from the USA itself every year, giving professionals better chances at career growth, and opportunities.

The question is, even with so much advancements in the word of outsourced jobs, why are BPO careers still shrouded in myths? Why do professionals shy away from working as BPO executives than embracing it as a career kick-starter? Why do people in general still perceive the profile as ‘those annoying tele-sellers’ with no real scope? 

It is about time that these chronic myths surrounding the nature and scope of BPO jobs are busted. Why? Because these half-baked ill-informed untruths are obstructing an otherwise  steep and stable career path mapped out for deserving professionals.


BPO Job Myths Busted -


1. Wall at the End of the Tunnel – 

Myth:  BPOs are dead-end jobs.

Truth:  It’s certainly not. Team-lead, trainer supervisor, manager and even HR positions for that matter; the farther you go, the higher you will rise, not just in
terms of position, but compensation packages, perks, bonuses, value additions like vacations and awards as well. So, yes; there’s scope of ample growth in BPO jobs. Don’t let anyone teach you otherwise. Remember, excellent communication skills with training for career advancements can make you break the mid managerial ceiling comfortably, and journey to the top of the ladder.


2. Those Annoying Cold-Callers – 

Myth:  BPO jobs are all about calling at odd hours to sell odd things to people who couldn’t care any lesser.

Fact:  Seriously? No. There was a time back in the 90s when tele calling was focused on pushing sales on behalf of companies. But now, it’s more about adding value to prospective customers through extended services. This includes handling client complains, resolving issues, managing redressals, offering relevant information on products and services etc. Basically, BPO professionals are first in line when it comes to client retention making them critically relevant to businesses and corporate institutions.


3. Even-a-monkey-could-do-it Work-Force –

Myth:  BPO jobs don’t require any skills. It is easy and anyone can do it. 

Fact:  Working as a BPO professional requires you to have excellent comprehension and communication skills, problem-solving skills, flexibility; in depth technical and domain knowledge, high emotional quotient, and exceptional organizing skills that prevents losing track of omnichannel client journey. It is therefore, not a job for everyone. Top it with behavioural qualities like empathy and patience, you are in fact required to be a tech-guru with divine attributes to get hired in the industry. 


4. Rise By the Moon, Sleep by the Lark, Bye-Bye Bio-Rhythm –

Myth:  Weird schedules, graveyard shifts; BPO jobs throw biological clocks into complete disarray. 

Fact:  It is true that sometimes, timings can be a little off balance given that BPO employees often need to accommodate schedules from the other end of the world. Graveyard shifts that start from 2am and carry on till 7am next morning can interfere with an individual’s bio-rhythm that can eventually lead to stress. However, it is nothing that a healthy diet, regular workout, yoga and meditation cannot solve. Most companies take employee welfare very seriously and ensure that professionals are in best mental and physical capacities to maintain good a work-life balance. They also make efforts towards creating a happy, positive and relaxed workplace that nurtures creativity, talents and motivation in employees to do their best while enjoying their work.


5. AI – One Sweep Kill –

Myth:  Chatbots and voice bots will render BPO jobs irrelevant by the next decade.

Fact:  Cost cutting and the ambition to take efficiency to the next level are the pillars on which the superstructure of AI is being constructed. However, research still reveals that about 60% of customers prefer human interaction over AI any given time and only 23% of respondents in the research expressed their trust in AI when it came to problem solving. 
Therefore, given that the relevance of human interaction is least likely to decline anytime soon, BPO jobs will also remain relevant way into the foreseeable future.


6. Fleeting Ground for Migratory Birds – 

Myth:  Professionals work in BPOs till the time they find a real job. 

Fact: BPOs are often considered a temporary ground for freshers to whet their skills till they find what society labels as a ‘real job’. In reality, it is in fact, a gateway for serious candidates to climb the corporate ladder and even, trot the globe for that matter. If you stay and perform, sky could be the limit.


Final Thoughts – 
BPOs have come a long way since the mid-1980s to as we see them today. With changing market trends and rise of technology, BPOs have ascended in relevance to small businesses and corporate entities as well. Being named as one of the major tools for cost cutting, time optimization and efficiency enhancement, outsourcing has become more of a necessity than option.
Therefore, if you consider a BPO job right now, you may be in for a handsome pay package, ample option for career growth, on-site training for skill enhancement, great work ambience, good work-life balance and professional relevance in an already overcompetitive world.