Warehouse Fulfillment Solutions


Warehousing fulfilment solution for you 3PL/4PL Business Needs

For your B2B or B2C orders fulfilment, our warehouse management system works in a complete 360-degree angle providing you with complete process, pack, and ship orders management. In addition, with a, complete software updating on shipments of inventory data, picking items data, packing up boxes data, and labelling shipments and orders, ship out fulfilled orders and handle returns data all available on the software catering all your business needs.

There is multiple functionalities catering as follows -
Purchase Order: It caters to the order request sent from the buyer to seller. Catering from adding significant vendor to adding details of SKU.
ASN: Also called advanced shipment notices of the stock received into the warehouses.
Gate Entry Module: Details of vehicles that are received on the entry of warehouse
Good Received Note: Its used for adding the record of the delivery of items from your supplier

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Warehousing fulfillment solution features

  • Omni-channel platform: Our WMS strongly caters both B2B and B2C Platforms.
  • Barcode, QR Code and RFID Identifier: The software caters to Web based system which is customizable and configurable.
  • Multiple API Integration: Includes API Integration with packaging & delivery management system.
  • Interactive Dashboards and Auto-Mailer Reports: Real time data visibility and automatics reports generation.
  • Managing Multiple warehouses centrally: The inventory management from multiple locations to a central place enables helps in synchronization of data even in real time.
  • Single Window Stock View: This is for multiple location, client, order, type, and
  • Dynamic Picking: Smart & secure pick & pack systems.

Tools for fulfilment process


Key features of the tool

  • Omni channel platform for B2B and B2C orders
  • Web based system which is customizable and configurable for Barcode, QR Code and RFID
  • API Integration with packaging & delivery management system
  • Interactive Dashboards and Auto-Mailer Reports
  • Ability to manage 5 users functionality
  • Single Window Stock View
  • Dynamic Picking -Smart & secure pick & pack systems

Key features of OCFS

  • Order Assignment Via App
  • System Generated Indent
  • Real-time updates – Specific notifications for defined stakeholders. (Order status, ETA/delays, Geofence breach, etc.)
  • Route Geofencing
  • e-POD with image capture
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • GPS Integration
  • Load optimisation & Scheduling
  • Auto mailers of MIS, notifications of key events

Benefits to the customers

User friendly system

Seamless flow of information

Unified system for all the stakeholders

Smooth flow of information to different users of WMS across the globe