Did you know, establishing a meaningful emotional connection with a company or brand has been linked to a remarkable 306% rise in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

In an overtly automated world nearing digital fatigue, human touch could be a key distinguishing factor in granting the competitive breakthrough you seek. Customer care services being the frontline ambassadors of a brand, are thus vested with providing the much necessary personalized touch that transcends the transactional nature of business. By actively listening to customer concerns and addressing them promptly with empathy, representatives can create a sense of understanding and connection that can make the former lifetime brand advocates. 

The Art – Perfecting Customer Care Services To Make Life-Long Connections

Did you know, for 86% emotionally engaged customers, loyalty programs alone aren't enough. 

They expect brands to acknowledge their loyalty through meaningful engagements, such as swift and empathetic responses to their concerns. Customers desire to be valued by the brands they are loyal to and that’s never too much to ask.

This highlights the critical role of top-tier customer care services in living up to customer expectations and establishing unbreakable emotional connections; and here’s how they do it –


1. Minimizing AWT –

Actions speak louder than words. So, quick and efficient call response is a tried and tested success formula in building unyielding trust with customers, than putting them on the line with the repetitive buzzing of ‘your call is important to us; please stay on hold’.

As per statistics, 60% customers are willing to wait for 2 minutes for representatives to attend to them and 29% insist on more than 1minute waiting time. Only a meagre 10% are willing to wait for 5 minutes to speak to a live agent.
Quality customer care services often toe the 80/20 principle to meet wait-time expectations, where 80% of calls are answered within 20 seconds. With AWT reduced to less than half a minute, customer trust and emotional bonding is bound to flourish.


2. Remembering Names –

Did you know, personalized customer experiences can improve conversion rates by 8%. 

Recognizing your customers by their name and previous interactions makes them feel valued, and in fact, is the first step towards building genuine emotional connection. It works at a conscious and subconscious level, boosting the comfort level of customers, putting them at ease and helping them explain their issues more coherently thereby, enabling customer care representatives to address the problem quickly and effectively.


3.  Quick Access To Past Interactions And Relevant Data –

Customers resent repeating their previous interactions every time they connect. They anticipate that, from the onset of the conversation, the customer care representative will be well- informed about their past interaction records. 
Simultaneously, customers expect their inquiries to receive a prompt and accurate resolution in the initial contact, rather than being transferred between different representatives through the call duration.
Thanks to proficient automation and digitization with effective customer care tools and software, representatives can now effortlessly identify customers and retrieve pertinent information from their profiles and prior interactions, thus eliminating the need for the latter to provide the same information over and over again.


4. Categorization of Customers –

Did you know; top 10% customers spend 3 times more than the rest of the 90%. 

Therefore, categorizing customers and offering prioritized services especially to the top and medium tier can help drive deep emotional connection making them feel heard, valued and respected. The impact reflects directly on high CLV scores. Different brands have different provisions for prioritized customer care, the most important ones being issuance of high priority tickets for –


5. Follow up Communication –

Did you know, 80% of sales requires a minimum of 5 follow up calls, before the deal is successfully closed.

Resolving issues is not enough. Following up to ensure that your customer’s expectations have been met is of greater importance. Consistent follow-ups, especially after creating a positive experience for the latter, encourages customers to review the services of the brand authentically. It also goes a long way in making them feel special, triggering higher engagement with the concerned brand in the near and far future.


6. Authentic Apologies –

Sometimes, a humble apology is all it takes to set things right.

Did you know, 96% repeat customers are willing to forgive inconveniences caused by brands and resume making purchases if they make honest apologies for their mistake.

As the frontline of brands, customer care representatives bear the responsibility of transforming disgruntled customers into enduring brand advocates by a strategized approach of


What Genuine Emotional Connections Bring To Your Business –

The Perks Empathy in connection, inspires action.

Did you know, 95% of purchase decisions are influenced by subconscious factors.

In the human system, emotions initiate in the subconscious and slowly trickle down to influence tangible behavior and resultant actions.
The perks of emotional connection with customers is colossal. Investing time, patience and expertise in developing a sense of belonging, safety and trust among customers, acts as motivators for them to take pro-brand actions that reflects in 


Quick Facts –

In terms of net importance of customer experience in creating emotional connections; speed in issue resolutions and dealing with enquiries maintains utmost
importance at 86%, followed by 


Measuring Empathy In Action

Unlike common beliefs, emotional connection in customer care is measurable and quantifiable. Here are 3 such measures that customer-centric brands / businesses commonly use.

1. Customer Feedback –

‘Have we resolved your issue? Did our representative understand your concern? How would you rate our services?’ Feedbacks on customer care
interactions are perhaps, the best ways to measure emotional connection. Higher the stars, more valued and appreciated your customers feel.

2.  CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) –

The formula for calculating CLV is easy. First, you need to calculate Customer Value which is obtained by multiplying average purchase value
with average number of purchases. Multiplying Customer value with average customer lifespan measures Customer Lifetime Value. Higher scores reflect better emotional connections.

3. NPS (Net Promoter Score) –

This metric is based on how likely a customer is to recommend your brand based on their experiences which includes customer care interactions as well. On a scale of 1 to 10, those that rate 9 or 10 are active promoters and are emotionally connected with the brand; passive promoters rate between 7 and
8, while detractors rate anywhere from 0 to 6. Based on follow-up questions, NPS helps brands identify areas of improvement and take necessary actions accordingly.


Infinite Empathy For Inspired Action

Did you know; customers can double their spend on brands they are emotionally connected with.

What goes around, comes around. This universal law of attraction works in customer care as well. When you prioritize your customers beyond the transactional surface level interactions and connect with them at an emotional plain, they will prioritize your brand and gift you life- long loyalty and value.

Given that establishing emotional connection with customers is an art that rests on a strictly scientific base, it is best left to professionals that are trained and experienced in this field of communication and problem-solving expertise. Hiring quality customer care service providers is by far, the quickest, safest and one of the most trusted way to generate desired outcomes.