Bigger the better? Not always!

Extensive resources, infallible infrastructure, robust distribution networks, ample funding, plethora of product options and a dazzling market presence; one can justifiably think that small businesses may only have a candle’s chance in a cyclone when it comes to competing with large firms on these obvious grounds.

The good news is, a lot has changed since the debut of Logistics software and tools, especially Last Mile Delivery software, an intelligent game changer, that has blurred the lines of competitive demarcation between large and small businesses practically overnight. In simple words, LMD software solutions are intelligent feature-rich automation systems that empower smaller businesses to outpace their larger counterparts in the last leg of fulfillment. The tool helps invite an array of customer-centric advantages that play a pivotal role in gaining and retaining customer loyalty and extending CLV while influencing purchase
motivation among potential buyers through positive reviews and ratings. 

Did you know, USA currently holds over 35% of the global LMD software market. 

How The Smaller Are Working Smarter With Software!
Valued at $7billion in 2021, the last mile delivery (LMD) software market is expected to touch $16.7 billion by 2030 with an 8.1% CAGR. This phenomenal growth has been fueled by the fact that over 40% online shoppers expect quick and reliable deliveries and prefer to choose companies / brands that offer these advantages, over those that don’t.

While it is easier for larger ventures with a bank of resources at their disposal to have their last mile prepped to perfection, things can get a little trying for SMEs that need to develop the same level of last leg fulfillment expertise in order to gain and retain customers, with much contained allocations.
This is where LMD software solutions level up the game by bridging the gaping performance gaps in favor of smaller companies; all thanks to an instantly added dose of high- performance advantages, 5 of which are recognized as key competitive game changers – 


1. Quick, safe, 100% visible deliveries –

Quality LMD software enables real time tracking and visibility from the moment the parcel is out-for-delivery till it reaches the customers doorsteps. Being empowered with the ability to trace deliveries by the minute generates a sense of trust and stress-free shopping among the latter, making them come back for more.

Besides visibility, there are several other key features that make deliveries quick, safe, customer-centric and cost-effective, like…


2. Improved Payment Management –

While trying out a new brand, customers may prefer to pay on delivery, that is, after having the ordered product at hand. This is yet another trust-building last-mile strategy that increases customer lifetime value manifold. 

LMD tools make it possible by automating and integrating COD / PPD / UPI payments, debit / credit card payments and other automatic financial settlement
features with riders/merchants/customers easily, so that the buyers can enjoy the liberty to choose from an array of options as per their convenience.


3. Personalized Flexible Deliveries –

What if the customer isn’t available to receive the package at the time of delivery? What if the customer is at another place for valid reasons and needs to change the delivery location? These are situations that often lead to much dreaded loss-making pitfalls like order cancellations / returns.

LMD software can shield small businesses from losing a sale or bearing the cost of reverse logistics by personalizing deliveries to accommodate,


4. Profitable Pricing Modules –

Top LMD tools offer comprehensively designed pricing modules that can determine delivery charges accurately, depending on factors like distance of delivery, weight of consignments etc. This works tremendously in favor of smaller ventures that run on tight budgets and low profit margins.


5. Data Insights / Reports / Analytics –

In a world where nearly everything is automated, Data is indeed, the King. LMD software / tools helps track, record and analyze critical information like,

Automated analysis of these pieces of information helps smaller businesses / brands make better decisions by identifying slack areas and taking the right measures to remedy them on time.


What’s More?

The rise of Last Mile Delivery Software has in many ways, leveled the competitive arena to an extent where the smaller players can now compete with their larger counterparts not just on a local scale but on a global stage. Well-chosen LMD tools can further expedite growth by expanding serviceable areas and reaching more customers easily and cost- effectively. With the right providers, you can also have your last mile software customized with ala-carte features to fit your unique requirements like a glove and that too, within budget.