Choose Different; Create Differently; And Enjoy The Difference! Everything You Need To Customize In LMD Tools For A Compelling Competitive Lead!

Why don’t customers like delivery jokes anymore? Because, it takes them 5 working days to get it!

It’s always good to start your day with a good joke and a hearty laugh; as long it’s not your last mile delivery that becomes the joke and your competitors that get a good laugh out of it.

There’s no second guessing the fact that Last Mile Delivery (LMD) is a key competitive differentiator in the world of ecommerce. Given that customer expectations are soaring limitlessly, using scratch basic off-the-shelf LMD tools is sure to fall short in propelling growth oriented businesses with long term visions, in maintaining a continual profitable and competitive lead in the market.

The solution? Choose Different and Create Differently to Manifest the Difference you seek!


What better way to accomplish this goal than with custom LMD software and tools!

Custom LMD software and tools come with a big bag of assured benefits that include improved transparency, better customer experience, buffed brand image, strengthened client retention and an added motivation in the part of regular customers to pay around 30% premium on their usual spends for personalized delivery experience!


Fine-Tuning LMD Customization - Where To Start And What To Customize 

Almost every business / company these days are aware of the benefits of customizing their last mile delivery.  However, there are innumerable entities, especially the smaller debutants that are still unaware about where to start from and what to customize after-all!

So, here is a quick list of relevant features that can be personalized in Last Mile Delivery tools, in tune with individual business goals in terms of growth, market presence and profits.


For example, it enables a customer to shop from their favorite brick-and-mortar stores online, and then, have the package delivered to a precise location, which could even be their vehicles at any mentioned serviceable location. Integrating and customizing phygital experience with last mile delivery according to your business capability can magnify your scope and offer an instant edge in competition. Amazon, Lego, Starbucks, Sephora and Nike are among the leaders that are already ruling the LMD game with phygital experience.


Have your delivery scheduling feature customized after taking note of what customers prefer in their delivery choice. This can be anything from scheduling delivery time, changing delivery locations, re-scheduling delivery or returns as well. This done, be assured that you’re already at 47% lead in terms of catering to customers’ delivery choice!


It’s not just about enabling companies to send automated notifications and alerts to customers regarding their deliveries, including order confirmation, estimated delivery times, and updates on delivery status. The idea is to leave all doors open for customers to communicate easily through every available channel and have their delivery-related issues / queries addressed in minimum waiting time. Customizing communication is your ticket to enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction without fail.




Customizing your driver management features can help you help the best of your drivers maintain their best performance! While customizing driver / vehicle management feature, focus specifically on assignment of deliveries and driver schedule management based on precision factors like delivery areas, distance, weight of consignments, traffic, possible idling time etc. Always insist on power features like intelligent route optimization and performance monitoring to ensure optimal utilization of resources.



Here, if you leave it on the customers to pack and ship the products back to the shops at their own cost and risk, be rest assured, you won’t make a sale in the first place! Thankfully, reverse last mile logistics can be make efficient and cost effective with thoughtful customization. Zero-in on features like communication (chat / mail / call), efficiently scheduled pick-ups and hassle-free 24 hr. reverse shipping to gain the competitive mileage you seek.


With expectations of such high volume, Last Mile Delivery cannot be left to generic tools offering generic advantages. Let your dashboards cater your ease and uniqueness than the other way round. Customizing user interface of your chosen software to suit the mission and vision of your business is the key to upholding brand consistency and providing a seamless user experience for both customers and employees.


Final Thought

What’s the secret to a great Last Mile jest? The delivery!

The punchline is always in the delivery; and the more you have it customized, deeper the impact it will create!

For those that are new to the world of customization in supply chain software and tools, it is always a great idea to seek out reputed 3rd party developers for assistance. Boutique 3rd party logistics tech providers can help create company-specific tools that resonate with the capacity and brand-image of your business and that too within your budget limits.


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