There’s a reason why the global Last Mile Delivery Software market boasts an estimated 8.1% CGAR to reach $16.7Bn by 2032. Consuming 53% of overall shipping expenses, it is the fulcrum of exigent cost control that proactive businesses are attempting to cope with following an alarming boost in ecommerce in the post COVID-19 phase. Topped with heightened customer expectations for 24hr-48hr deliveries, low or no shipping charges, free returns and more, streamlining with intelligent automation of last mile has become an urgent necessity.


What Does A Last Mile Software Do?

Did you know – According to 59% of third-party logistics companies in the USA, last mile is supply chain’s most inefficient leg.


Take a look at these statistical figures based on studies conducted on online shoppers globally : -

Given that customers are the kings, and 73.6% believe that delivery is the most important part of their shopping experience, meeting these herculean expectations without automation stands a candle’s chance in a cyclone when it comes to succeeding in this overbearingly competitive market.
Needless to mention, the road to consumer satisfaction and retention inherently comes with the plight of –

Being caught in the vicious circle of meeting high customer expectations supported meagrely with low performance last mile infrastructure is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. This is where Last Mile Software steps in.


How Does A Last Mile Software Benefit Your Business? 

Did You know – Top hundred cities in the world, will experience 36% rise in the number of delivery vehicles by 2030.

Even if your business is not in the core metropolitans, it will not remain uninfluenced by the staggering growth in online ordering and the simultaneous growth in final mile delivery requirements. Therefore, a digitized, streamlined and an intelligently automated approach to last mile management through software solutions is the first step to staying relevant in the current market scenario.

Here is a list of other core benefits of using last mile software solutions that businesses of all volumes literally swear by…

The last leg of supply chain comes with multiple touch points that are often exposed to unpredictable variables that can compromise efficiency significantly. When managed manually, communication becomes a major issue between these touch points that eventually leads to late / damaged / wrong deliveries or other such SLA breakers. Last mile software helps manage these otherwise scattered processes through a single user interface with one-click automated approach. It gives you the easiest platform to seamlessly communicate, track, record, and follow-up with core processes and backs it up further with alerts, reminders and notifications so that you never miss out on anything.

Did you know, 73% retailers are still unable to offer real time tracking to their customers?

Did you know, 83% customers expect accuracy in ETA. 

Real time visibility and tracking is not an option any more. It is a necessity. Customers want to know where their product is, who is delivering it and at what time, followed by proof of delivery. Great expectations as these cannot be fulfilled by manual spreadsheets or outdated digitized approach. Intelligent automated last mile solutions are the only way to cater to these requirements.

Did you know, over 79% customers expect free shipping with return delivery but only about 49% companies are equipped to offer the same? Ease and affordability in return management is a core factor that helps in winning and retaining customers’ trust. If you bulk up returns with added shipping charges, chances are, customers will never buy from you again. If you take too long to have the product picked / replaced / refunded, your customers are as good as gone. Using last mile software solutions is a great way to streamline reverse logistics making it quick and affordable for all involved parties.

Expanding your business by adding more pin codes to your existing delivery map is easy with last mile software. Given that you can now manage fleet / fuel efficiency, identify high and low order density locations, get real time updates of fleet / product movement and enhance customer experience without having to spend a fortune on it; be rest assured, you have a win-win extravaganza when it comes to increasing delivery scope with last mile automation. It can also be a catalyst to buffing the brand image of your business without trying too hard.


Last mile software gives you the extra mile you need to score that extra star in your rating.

And yes, it works. Get in touch with an expert to get started.