Market predictions USA indicate that professional contact center BPO jobs will face about 5% decline from 2022 – 2032 period. If that’s making you lose hope in the future of customer service BPO jobs in India, the following piece of information is sure to reinstate your faith in this die-hard career landscape.

Throwback January 2020 – January 2021, customer service job postings had witnessed a phenomenal 498.4% increase, and will continue to maintain an upward trajectory through the decade. Therefore, contrary to common misconceptions, inbound helpdesk jobs are actually in high demand given that more and more businesses / companies are finally acknowledging the importance of customer experience in long term business growth, brand image building and of course, profits. But what is in it for you?
As a customer support service executive, you have multiple key roles to juggle. This generally includes - 

To give in your best for the tasks you shoulder, you need to be your best attentive, empathetic, knowledgeable and dynamic every single minute of your work hour. Thus, for an industry that is balanced on your skills, it is only natural to ask what is in it for you? What is your scope as inbound customer care representative? Is there any tangible remunerative advantage? Will it support professional growth and advancements as per your career goals? Is it a worthy position to display on your CV? 

Let’s find out!

The Bountiful Perks Of Being A Customer Service Representative

1. Tremendous Scope for Early Birds – 

Customer service BPO jobs are one of the few hand-counted domains where you can start as early as 18+ years in age. 10+2 in education topped with confidence, eloquence, will to learn and enthusiasm to solve problems is enough to land you a decently remunerated entry level position. 

Furthermore, this significantly contributes to the acquisition of experience in highly coveted skills such as comprehension, communication, problem-solving, customer relationship management, and more, which positions you favorably in the future, for prominent roles in diverse industries. 

Fun Facts – Did you know, the average age of customer service reps in the USA, is 40 years!


2. Qualifications On The Go –

BPO companies are widely recognized for organizing skill improvement courses and seminars regularly, that helps the representatives sharpen their communication skills, problem solving skills and multi-tasking abilities to perfection. Therefore, continuous skill enrichment and professional development are
part and parcel of quality customer care roles. 

The exposure to various industries and products further contributes to developing versatile skill sets that again, are highly transferable to other professions, positions and leadership roles. 

Fun Facts – Did you know, among all customer service representatives employed in the USA, 69.5% are women!


3. Passport To Anywhere –

The world now, is a global village. Creating seamless connections across borders, while maintaining cultural sensitivity is thus, a priority for any business to thrive. BPO customer care executives get the opportunity to interact with people from the length and breadth of the globe. This exposure not only enriches their cultural awareness but also fosters adaptability and the ability to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

While this may seem like a passport to the world without leaving the desk, in reality, professionals are often exposed to innumerable real chances of globe-trotting as they climb the inbound customer care BPO hierarchy. 

Fun Facts – Did you know, 73% customers remain loyal to a brand no matter what, because of lively, affable customer support!


4. It Won’t Let You Go Unless You Do –

BPOs are known for providing stable employment and a structured career path. Thus, customer care executives often find themselves in an environment that encourages upward mobility, career stability and continual tangible motivation for improved performance. With a focus on meritocracy, dedicated customer care reps can take power positions like team leads, supervisors, and even managerial roles in hand-counted years.

Fun Facts – Did you know, 79% complains made online were ignored! Now you know why, customer care representatives are in high demand. 


5. Get To Be The Tech Guru The Job Market Celebrates –

AI, CRM, collaboration tools, omnichannel support technology, call routing, big data, live chat, automated phone support / email / messaging; there is no end to top notch precision based technology that is blending into the contact center management canvas. BPO companies, thus, train and update their representatives on the specifications and best usage of these advanced tools which directly enhances their technological proficiency, a valuable skill in the job market this decade and beyond.

Fun Facts – Did you know, ‘Voder’ (Voice Operation Demonstrator) was the ancestor of the present-day machine generated speech technology. It was developed by physicist Homer Dudley and was first demonstrated in the year 1939. 


6. Bonuses, Perks, Commissions, Incentives –

While many still believe that inbound call center jobs are low paying, the right candidates can land with as much as INR 2.5lakhs per annum package at entry level excluding a plethora of perks, bonuses, commissions and incentives. In fact, dedicated customer care executives often find themselves on the receiving
end of early promotions and recognition programs. This financial stability adds to the overall job satisfaction and serves as a tangible acknowledgment of their hard work.

Amazing Fact – Did you know, top 1% in the hierarchy of professional customer care services make more than 50lakhs per annum! Top 10% employees earn more than INR 32.7lakhs per annum.


7. Hush Hush! Networking Opportunities –

While no BPO companies would want you to know this, but customer care reps are exposed to a wide network of professionals across different industries all through their tenure. This extensive network can prove beneficial in the long run, opening doors to collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and career advancements outside the BPO sector. 

Fun Fact – Did you know, Philippines is known as the BPO capital of the Word. India toes a close second.


8. Effective Communication? Be Mind-Readers Instead –

Effective communication is the backbone of the customer care industry. Customer care executives however, get to hone their communication skills to an extent that many literally assume abilities of a mind-reader. Besides, verbal and written communication skills, call center representatives gain high proficiency in comprehending customer issues while navigating through language and articulation barriers and conveying information clearly and diplomatically thereafter. These skills extend beyond the professional realm, positively impacting personal relationships as well.


9. Helpers High –

While the job may seem routine, the satisfaction derived from helping customers resolve their issues is immeasurable. Customer care executives often become the unsung heroes, turning frustrated customers into long-term brand ambassadors. This sense of accomplishment and positive impact on people's lives
can be immensely rewarding at the end of the day. Contentment in solving issues for another individual can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and generate positive emotions, motivation and a sense of a purpose in life.

Amazing Fact – Did you know, when you help others selflessly, your brain releases a hormone called endorphin which has pain-relieving properties akin to morphine! 


10. Work-Life Balance: Day; Night; Remote –

Contrary to common misconceptions, almost all reputed reliable contact center BPOs prioritize work-life balance and take necessary measures to promote the same. With flexible schedules, rotational shifts and work-from home options, customer care executives can find a rhythm that suits their lifestyle. This level flexibility contributes to a healthier work-life balance, reducing burnout and enhancing overall job satisfaction.

Fun Facts – Did you know, demand for remote customer service jobs has risen by 400%!


Summing Up –

In conclusion, being an executive in customer support services goes far beyond the stereotypes associated with the role. It is a dynamic profession that offers innumerable benefits, from skill enrichment and global exposure to financial rewards and job satisfaction. Those willing to embrace the challenges of this industry can find themselves catapulted on a thrilling and fulfilling journey of personal, professional and financial growth.