Valued at $24.46billion in 2021, the global custom software market is expected to expand at 22.3% CAGR till 2030.

The figures amply showcase the dwindling demand for off-the-shelf software solutions, especially for strictly growth-oriented companies that are serious about establishing and maintaining their lead in the market. All businesses are unique in their own terms and thus, require solutions that fit their nuances rather than adjusting their process framework to toe off-the-shelf software construct.

This not only compromises business interests but, leads to wastage of resources in terms of time and money, as well. 
The power of customized software solutions on the other hand, is such that it can transform even the most stagnant enterprises into flourishing, innovation driven powerhouses. 

Did you know, over 52% businesses have outsourced their software development of which 80% were completely satisfied with the results.

Taking numerous rags to riches stories of companies that chose tailormade over canned solutions, here are 8 time-tested reasons why custom software has been unanimously crowned as growth catalysts…










Bespoke Solution - Endless Possibilities
It is won’t be long before custom software becomes the new normal. A larger number of proactive businesses are already switching to bespoke software for capturing and retaining markets and customers. In fact, the sooner you start, the faster you grow.