Integrated Barcode Scanner Systems to Pick & Sort

$5.5Trillion! This is the estimated value of global E-commerce sales by the end of the 4th quarter 2022. 

2.14 billion; that’s the estimated number of online shoppers, 2021, predicted to grow steadily till 2025 and beyond.

Given the amount of movement that is happening and will continue to happen in the world of e-commerce, you can expect a tsunami of orders to flow in from all corners and grow even further till the end of the decade with heightened expectations of customer experience in the process.
How far do you think your warehouse is equipped to handle the resultant fulfilment overload?




Still Stuck With Manual Picking and Sorting? Time To Transform

Picking and sorting is your first crucial fulfilment phase. An error at this stage amounts to assured order returns.

When your order inflow grows from tens to hundreds, relying on manual processes can be an unnecessary speed bump. Orders that could have been fulfilled in 48 hours may take a week or more to reach the customers. Top that with manual errors in picking and sorting, you may have to deal with deal-breakers

How much do you think these errors will cost you as far as meeting customer expectations is concerned?

Did you know, as per sources, 97% of online buyers consider same day shipping as ‘fast’! Anything less than that, is not ‘fast enough’. Give it 3 or 4 days, customers will consider that as slow. This is the phase when they start drifting towards businesses that offer similar options within 24 to 48 hours.

If you wish to see your customers happy and coming back for more, consider speed and accuracy your lifeline. And, the easiest way you can get to it is by picking and sorting with integrated barcode scanner systems. 


Barcode Scanners – Pick Fast, Sort Fast, Be Bang-on Accurate All Times!


The first step needs to be the best step.

When your business is a little too small for 100% robotic warehouse operations and a little too large for finger counting inventory, integrated barcode scanner systems can be your best economic partners for easy automated and integrated pick & sort. Instant benefits of picking and sorting inventory with barcode scanner include: -


Key Takeaways -

Smart warehousing and fulfilment require smart automation. When you start with picking and sorting with integrated barcode scanners, you take a successful first step towards achieving cost effective harmonious operations as well as growth-based inventory / order management while performing in tune with customer expectations.

At Coderootz, we offer complete picking and sorting feature with barcode scanner integrations in our WMS with free trials. Get started!